My First CrossFit Open in Review

Alas, my first Crossfit Open is over...  I had a really good time competing and cheering on my friends as well.  My region, arguably the toughest in the Games, the Central East had roughly 5,000 competitors for the men.  I finished in 1,384th place.  This was a learning year for me and learn is what I did.  Here is what I learned from competing this year:

1.  I don't know what to do on Wednesday nights now.  For the last 5 weeks my daughter Gracie and I would race home from her guitar lessons to catch the Open Workout announcement and demo by two "Pro" CrossFit athletes.

2.  Exploit my weaknesses...don't run from them.  One glaring weakness was my double unders...as in, I couldn't do them!  I would always substitute single unders (x3) whenever DUs showed up in a workout.  My logic was that I could maintain the intensity in my workout instead of fighting through 1 or 2 double unders at a time.  Sound in theory, but in The Games there are no substitutions allowed.

3.  Have some sort of plan...anything...before going into a workout.  I found during the last workout (13.5), which was only a 4 minute AMRAP, that even on a sprint you need a plan.  I did the first set of 100 lb. thrusters and chest to bar pullups straight and then was blown for the second round.  Had I broken up at least the chest to bar pullups I would've made it further into the rep count.

4.  There is much value in having a group of people working out with you and/or cheering you on.  The hype and camaraderie goes a long way to improving your results.

Moving forward I will apply what I have learned, continue to stay focused on eating healthy and push to increase my intensity and strength gains on a weekly basis to prepare myself for next year.  In the meantime, it will be a blast to watch those who will continue on to Regionals and then finally The CrossFit Games as they push themselves to their limits in amazing feats of strength, speed and agility!