Hi-Power update


 Here it is.  I didn't re-finish any of the small parts yet...and perhaps I won't as this will more than likely just be a shooter, but we'll see.  It was finished with a Mil-Spec Manganese Phosphate by TDC Systems in Willoughby, Ohio.  Well, happy shooting to me!


One to Ponder

Thought #212-
Every tragedy begins as a normal day. - Todd Wilson

*That means today you might get the call that your son was admitted to the hospital, your wife collapsed and died, or you are about to find out the worst news of your life.

So...how does that affect today?
(Excerpt taken from Todd Wilson's "You Da' Dad" page-a-day calendar.)

Don't let the "little things" in life get to you.  Once you lose something or someone precious to you you will never have that time back with them.  Tell your wife you love her...and don't just say it, show her.  Tell your kids you're proud of them for____________ fill in the blank.  Take notice of the things that make them "tick".  Show interest in them.  Next to Christ, your wife is your most important relationship in this world...and THEN your kids.  I started a rather lengthy post for husbands/fathers a while back...I plan to post soon.  Stay tuned for more...

WooHoo! HK's at a great price!

Check out Ohio Ordnance Works' Deal of the Day! It's a wing-dinger! (Yeah, I actually just said that!)

Last time they did this they sold out of the Hi-Powers in under an hour!  Hurry up if you want one!


Such Drama

I'm pretty sick of the whole Zimmerman-Martin media hoopla

Zimmerman sounds like a complete wanna-be moron.  Martin isn't the little angel that Mommy and Daddy are portraying him as.  And apparently nobody can really explain what the heck happened.  Since it doesn't appear that there were any real eye witnesses the only words we have to go on are those of the gun-slinging, child-chasing, wanna-be rent-a-cop Zimmerman.  It sounds like this guy has some real issues if you ask me...but, of course, no one has.  And to top it all off, this has to be a racial thing.  Thank you Al Sharpton and crew for your contribution.

I'm like Darius

So far this morning...I'm just like Darius.

If I think of something...you'll be the first to know.



Browning Hi-Power

I recently purchased a Browning Hi-Power from Ohio Ordnance Works. These were used law enforcement pistols and had only holster wear as they were hardly ever shot.  They recently sold out of them due to their "40 Days of Savings" Lent special they are running right now.  (There is a link on their home page.)  This new marketing idea has worked out awesome as they have sold out of the "daily deal" several times.  Word has it that the Hi-Powers sold out in 20 minutes...much to the chagrin of the west coasties!  Today's deal was Colt brand 1911 mags...again they are sold out.  But enough about that...back to the Hi-Power...

As I mentioned, the one I picked out had a considerable amount of  holster wear on it.  Since I work there and design and build firearms in the Engineering Department this didn't scare me off.  Cousin Bruce and I tore ours apart and sent the frames and slides off to a local phosphater to get re-finished.  When we get them back on Monday we'll have a like new Hi-Power at a fraction of the cost! Can't wait!  I will post a pic of the finished product so you can drool.

Name, Address, Phone, Facebook Password

So, in order for me to apply "here" I have to give you my Facebook password?  Don't you think we're getting a little personal here?  I suppose next you're gonna want to sneak a peak at my "twits". *Insert blush here*

That's what background checks and references are for.  Whatever happened to calling past employers?  I don't give my friends my password and you really think I'm gonna give it to you!?  Go fly a kite....I'll work somewhere else.

On a side note, in case you didn't notice, I've made some updates to the blog...including, but not limited to: a new name, an email sign-up, twitter link, etc..... 


Why Women Live Longer than Men:

You know, there are so many things wrong here…not the least of which are the 2bi4’s holding up the truck.  (And besides, you know hidden from view next to his left leg, is a beer, or two.)  And welding by the gas tank?  Hmmmmmm…..well, at least he’s got the tires blocked.


Why Women are Smarter

Why women are smarter.....

Classic example-
Last night on my way home I get a text from wife (yeah, I checked it while driving…sue me). 

She says, “I’ll bet FroYo is hoppin’ tonight.”  

When I got home, in front of the kids (because I’m a dummkopf), I asked, “Was that a request?” 

She says, “Well the girls will have to go to bed at a decent time tonight.” 

To which I replied, “Yeah, I gotta do some yardwork so it’ll probably be too late to go tonight.” 

She then gave me a “huh?” look.

A few minutes later…..

Me: “Honey, I got some speakers we can hook up to the laptop so we can actually hear Lost when we’re watching it on Netflix.”

Wifey: “We haven’t had an “in-date” in a while.”

Now it’s my turn: (“huh?” look)

(Insert Face-Palm here)

Me: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, we haven’t had an “in-date” in a while.  Like when we
watch a movie or something (like, say, Lost) and eat food (like, say, FroYo).”

Wifey: “There it is!”

Me: “High five?”

Wifey: “No.”

Yeah, I’m not as quick or as smart…..but, I did enjoy my FroYo whilst we watched Lost after the kids went to bed!

Come back tomorrow for “Why women live longer than men.”


Aesop on War and Peace

I saw this quote in a recent www.survivalblog.com post.

"A wild boar stood under a tree, and rubbed his tusks against the trunk. A fox passing by asked him why he thus sharpened his teeth when there was no danger threatening from either huntsman or hound. He replied, 'I do it advisedly; for it would never do to have to sharpen my weapons just at the time I ought to be using them.' To be well prepared for war is the best guarantee of peace."  - The Fables of Aesop

This is a good reminder that having all the weapons in the world won’t matter if you don’t practice with them.  This means using them, understanding how they work, and knowing how to fix them not if, but when they break.  Having the right weapons matters as well…but, that’s another thought for another day!


Women and Guns

I recently read the following article and thought it worthy of sharing.  There has been an upswing of women getting their concealed carry permits in many areas (apparently Indiana more so than some other areas!)  The end of the article talks about motivating factors.  Whatever your motivation, man or woman, to carry a firearm, remember this – it is your right and it should be exercised.  When I first got my permit my thought process was, “With my permit, if I want to carry I can.”  Over the last 6 plus years that I have had my permit my reasons to carry have evolved, but then again so has society.  I am very grateful for those who have committed careers to being a public servant.  However, a recurring statement pops into my head whenever I wonder, “Do I need to carry my firearm today?”  That statement – “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

INDIANAPOLIS -- An increasing number of women are packing heat, arming themselves with handguns, according to a Gallup survey.
Personal protection is the main reason for the uptick, but it's not an easy decision. Many women who bear arms are also taking lessons on how to use them, RTV6's Derrik Thomas reported.
The firearms industry is targeting the new market of female buyers, making pink guns, pink ear protection and weapons for petite hands, among other changes.

"We have a joke in the industry that all men are born with the John Wayne chromosome," said Bob Meyer, a gun safety instructor. "They think they can shoot from birth, and a woman is more willing to listen."
Jo Johnson is an example of the 23 percent of American women who told Gallup they own a gun, up from 13 percent in 2005.
Indiana State Police said more than 50,000 Hoosier women have received gun permits over the last three years.
Johnson and her husband, Doug, are taking the training course together. Both recently retired and had a close encounter, prompting them to arm themselves.
"We had four people come to our front door at night saying they were from the phone company and wanted in," Jo Johnson said.
Doug told them to go away and that he was calling security, but that incident convinced them that handgun training could come in handy.
"We want to be prepared. I'd rather have a gun and not have to use it than not have a gun and need one," Doug Johnson said.
Jennifer Stark, an independent single woman, said owning and operating a gun provides an adrenaline rush.
"I was recently attacked. I started thinking I needed a gun for protection," she said. "I'm not going to be a victim again."
Margaret Broderick echoed Stark's thought and said having a gun in her hand gives her a sense of power.
"I see this as another layer of protecting myself, my property, my friends," she said. "I'm still going to call the police, but this just adds another layer."
Having a gun isn't a fool-proof method of protection, but it can provide peace of mind.
"The bad guys seem to be badder. They don't care about anything," Meyer said. "They'll kick down doors and harm people. We have to be prepared to defend ourselves."
Law enforcement agencies are aware that more women are carrying guns, and there is some concern that not everyone is getting them for the right reasons.
"Answer the question, 'Am I willing to take another person's life if my life is in jeopardy?'" said Indiana State Police Capt. Dave Bursten. "If you cannot steadfastly answer that question, 'Yes,' you probably shouldn't have a gun in your house, because it will probably be taken away from you and used against you."
"I don't think I'll ever feel very, very comfortable with a gun, but I want to be competent," Jo Johnson said.
While women are getting gun permits in larger numbers, gun ownership is still primarily a man's world.
Indiana men were granted 217,000 permits over the last three years, compared with 50,000 women.
Theories abound about why more women are buying guns. Some suggest fears about a government crackdown on purchases are a big driver, while others think the influence of reality and other TV shows focusing on women with guns are the cause.
For many, personal protection seems to be the primary motivation.