Funny Kids!

As things get amped up for the 2013 CrossFit Games, I have been watching videos and reading articles daily as well as following all of my favorite "Pro" CrossFitters on Twitter.  Recently Dan Bailey, an awesome athlete, fellow believer, and just an overall outstanding guy showed his funny side with a "promo" video for Broflex, stating he was ready for a run at the top spot in the CrossFit world - "Fittest Man in the World".  In his video he states...he is ready:

Now, this may only be humorous to CrossFitters as it mocks one of the past time fads of fitness the "Bowflex", but it certainly made my two daughters crack up when they saw it.  They especially enjoyed the "Quads!" section.  I tweeted Dan and shared that my kids have really enjoyed mimicking his video and he asked for a video of them doing it...here it is:

So, as we enter Pool Season, Beach Season, and the CrossFit Games Finals, I hope you enjoy these two little bits of humor!  Get out there and get after it!