Nobama 2012! No US Socialist state EVER!

I am not a huge Mitt Romney fan, however, I agree with him here.

Mr. Obama take your socialist, communist agenda and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.  This is a free America where Capitalism WILL STAND!!!  Obama obviously does NOT believe in America!  I hope all of the people who wanted CHANGE will get their heads screwed on straight before election day.  I've had enough of the lunacy that is coming out of our nation's capital.


Crossfit games? So what?

Josh, you've been going on and on about some kind of "Crossfit Games" or whatever.  What are you talking about?  And what's the big deal?  Well, I'll tell you what the big deal is....errr, ummmm, I'll let someone else tell you what the big deal is!  In the article below you'll see just how far Crossfit and the Crossfit Games have come.  From starting at a place called "The Ranch" back in 2007 with only about 200 total people in attendance (yes, that is including athletes!), to the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA with over 10,000 people in attendance, men's, women's, team and master's competitions, and a corporate sponsorship by Reebok in 2012.  It's come a long way!  Check it out!

The Evolution of the Crossfit Games

Also, just a little shout-out to my "region" which boasted the men's winner this year (and last) as well as 4 other men in the top 10!  That's half of the top 10 from one region!  The women were represented on the podium by Julie Foucher who came in 2nd!  Yeah, the Central East ROCKS!!!

And another shout-out to Mentor's Scott Panchik for coming in 4th in his first year!



I got a new PR this morning!  On June 8th I did a workout for the first time.  It was a scaled version of the Crossfit Amanda workout.  I used 95 lbs. and completed the workout in 9:55.

This morning, I bumped the weight up to 105 lbs. and completed the same workout in 8:03!  That's almost a 2 minute PR with 10 lbs. more weight!  Holla!  Super happy with this one as I have been concentrating on increasing my Snatch abilities with vigor!

On that note, the 2012 Crossfit Games begin today with some insane changes!  For the last 5 years the games have been a Friday, Saturday, Sunday thing.  Well, in keeping with shaking things up (last year they added a swim), this year they announced at the competitors meeting on Monday night that there would be a couple of new events.......on Wednesday!  That's right, they will be starting today with a crazy triathlon, followed by a military obstacle course, and then finishing up with standing broad jump.

At lunch, I ran with 3 buddies from work, and we did a 40 minute trail run out at Big Creek Park and on part of the Buckeye Trail.

For lunch I have some leftovers from last night, which was a homemade black bean salsa comprised of: black beans (obviously), black eyed peas, corn, green peppers, tomatoes, and onions.  I am of course, eating them with some corn chips! :)

Eat Right, Train Hard, and Never Give Up!!!

P.S. Here's my sweat angel from yesterday's workout:


Grace did this to me!

No, not my daughter...

At lunch on Thursday I did the Grace workout from www.Crossfit.com.

In all actuality, I did a partner workout with my buddy Dan.  We did power clean and jerk at 135 lbs. for 30 reps for time.  (This is a significant mod to the listed version of Grace but we were short on time and knew we could go faster if we did Power Cleans versus Squat Cleans.)

How do you do a "partner workout" with Grace?  We simply alternated every rep.  We both still did 30 reps each.  Our time was 9:50.

"Sooooooooo, Josh, how'd you get that bruise from Grace?"  I have a bad habit of "bumping" my quad as I return the barbell to the ground for my next rep.  Now I have never bruised this bad before so I'm not sure why it was so bad this time, but I will be making a conscious effort to not let the bar hit my leg.....or atleast not as hard.

Get out there and get after it!

Eat Right. Train Hard. Never Give Up.


Who needs Atlas Stones?

My parents had about 6 or 7 trees come down in a wind/thunder storm last Friday.  On Sunday my family and my sister's family went down to help with the clean up.

Here's just a couple of pics of the damage and the cleanup:

And, as the title of this post suggests, Who Needs Atlas Stones?  A lift by me and then one by my Pops! :)

What a goofball!

On Saturday, I did Cleans for 7x3.  My weights were 135, 135, 135, 145, 155, 175, 185 (*PR*)
For MetCon, I did a real fun one.  Run 1 mile, stopping every minute to do 10 air squats, 10 pushups, & 10 situps.  My time was 12:58.

This Monday morning I worked on the rings with John a little then started learning the Butterfly Kip per Jeremy Kinnick.  For our workout we did the Minute Pullup Ladder.  This is 1 pullup the first mintue, 2 the second, 3 the third, etc... until you can't do any more! I got 16, not a PR, but I'll take it after all the hard work we did helping out Mom and Pops yesterday!