Do forks make people fat?

A very interesting article by The Seanroy.  Careful, he might swing your opinion!

Bumper Stickers

Unfortunately, while letting the Obamination back in is really bad....Mit is not the answer.

Take their guns? They'll use hammers!

Another case where gun control hurts only the law-abiding citizens.  A criminal will kill you with whatever they can get their grubby little hands on.

Thanks to Unc for this one.

AK-47 night shoot

Another one of my Youtube videos.  AK-47, 75 round drum, night shoot...this equals big flames! Makes me smile every time.

FroYo and Sunrise

Da Grace and I stopped in to check out the progress at the new FroYo this weekend:

Also, a few pics of the Chardon horizon this morning...very beautiful, although red sky at morning...


Sunday...and a good one at that

Today was Sunday...
After sleeping in until 8AM.......aaaaaaaaahhh, I could get used to that, and breakfast with just my wife (because the kiddos had already eaten) we were off to church.

It started with an amazing time of worship and a powerful and equally convicting message by Pastor Jason.  It was about the conversion of Saul to Paul.  It may have been geared to people making the faith conversion from an enemy of God to a child of God as Saul did, but there was definitely something in it for those of us who have already received His free gift of salvation.  The convicting thing for me was, when you are an enemy of God it is all about you, but when you are a child of God-it SHOULD be all about Christ.  The Bible, His Word, tells us all about this.  Everything in the Old Testament points forward towards the Christ, and the New Testament is all about the Christ, what He did for us and what our purpose in life is.  (Notice bold and underlined word up above.)  How often do I focus on myself instead of my Creator, Master and Best Friend?  I Corinthians 10:31 says, "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."  That's right we are here for His glory!  We are here to bring Him glory!  Not ourselves! 

After, church we came home, had dinner and then went out to join the rest of our church in a Prayer Summit.  "What is this?", you ask....well, I'll tell ya.  Prayer Summits have had many faces over the last couple of years in our church.  Some have taken place at church, where we break up into small groups and pray for both specific and general needs in our church family.  Some have taken place at the beach and included baptisms!  Others have taken place in peoples' homes throughout the church-praying for a local community.  While still others have been called a Prayer Walk, where we will target a specific area or even your own street and pray while we walk.

Today's was different even than all of the above.  We have four ministries in our church that are reaching out to local communities.  There was at least one representative of each ministry at a location close to that ministry in its corresponding community.  When you arrived they would give you several very specific prayer requests pertaining to their ministry.  You could then pray with them or walk around that area and pray.

When we finished this, we went back home where I got to go outside and kick the ol’ futbol around with my two girls.  We then finished our evening up with an episode of The Dick Van Dyke show on Netflix…

….yeah, it was a good one.


Muscle-ups! Yeah!

Gracie and I were having fun "searching for Daddy" on the internet...and came across this video.

Dan and I posted this video back in August of 2008 in order to get onto the Crossfit Trophy Case list.

No Kidding!

Meteorologists say they're not perfect and mild winter proved it

No kidding!  My friend and I have often had this conversation, that we will encourage our kids to become meteorologists.  Why, you may ask?  It’s simple.  What other profession can you be wrong 50% (or more!!!) of the time and still keep your job?!?! In fact, people continue to watch you to see if you’re going to be right or wrong…and in many instances actually believing you despite your track record!  Lord knows that if I was wrong 50% or more of the time, I wouldn't still be employed, how about you?

And on that note, for those of us that actually enjoy winter and snow..…this one was boring.


Prepper Resources

My company just put up a new blog post with a "few" links for all you preppers out there.


"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

- Roger "Verbal" Kint

Ouch! (Rom Mitney)

Pretty well stated.....on a bumper sticker.

Kids love capitalism

Love to hear/read things like this!  Thanks Unc.

My TSA Experience & General Airport Security

What prompted this was a few recent TSA related posts I’ve read over at the SayUncle blog (and there’s been more even since I wrote this):
TSA at work

On a not-to-long-ago-work-related trip down to South Carolina I had my first (and hopefully last) run in with TSA.  I was travelling with a firearm in a locked case.  Now for those who don’t know, this is a “checked” item.  Even in a locked case you are not permitted a firearm in your “carry-on” luggage.  At Cleveland Hopkins they inspected the case, had me open it, relock it, and then wiped it down with their explosive sniffing wipes.  They concluded it was safe and sent me on my way through security. No big deal, right?  When I got to the airport in one of the Carolinas, I believe it was the airport in Charlotte, my firearm was nowhere to be found.  After going to baggage claim, not finding it and then asking several airline representatives I was finally sent back to baggage claim.  It was there that I politely and as calmly as possible let them know that I was flying with a checked firearm and couldn’t find it.  I got the, “Well, why didn’t you say so?!?!” treatment and everybody was hunky dory.  They brought it out from behind an “employees only” door, compared my claim ticket with the one on the gun case and sent me on my merry way.  I was a little shook up at this point and needless to say very alert as I left the airport and headed out to get my rental car.

My return flight to Cleveland was even more exciting.  Upon my arrival at the airport in the Carolina, I checked my firearm, proceeded through security, got a Starbucks coffee and Bruegger’s bagel and sat myself down to relax before my flight took off.  Three sips and two nibbles in I hear, “Passenger Joshua Hershberger, please return to the check-in counter.”  So, I get up, walk back past the pain-in-the-can security, knowing that I will now have to go back through that circus again and find the check-in counter.
“Um, hi there, I’m Josh Hershberger, um, I was paged?” 

“Oh, hi sir, TSA has determined that they need to look in your luggage.” (meaning the gun case) 

“This gentleman here can help you.”  At this point I’m handed over to a weasely looking feller in his mid-60’s who just wants me to give him the key to the case so they can look inside. 

Me: “Yeah, uh, that’s not gonna happen.”

Weasel: “Sir, I’ll just take the key downstairs, let them look in the case, and bring you your key back.”

Me: “Once again, No.  No one is going in that case without me present.  Period.”

Weasel: “Let me check and see if that’s okay, we don’t allow passengers down in THAT area.”

Me: Yeah, you do that.

Weasel: “Okay, sir, follow me.”

So we walk down a double flight of stairs to a “restricted area”.  Ooooooooo.   As we round a corner in an obscure area in the underground lair I realize it’s just them and me…..and my senses were all immediately heightened.  There on the ground is my gun case…..and standing over it are a couple of brothas in TSA jumpsuits.  I walk up and they ask me to unlock the case.  Sure, no problem.  As the second lock is coming off they order me to step back and let me know that they’d “take it from there.”  Okay, tough guys.  At this point one of the goons opens the case while the other one is eyeballin’ me.  Then both of them standing at opposite ends of the gun case take about a step back and proceed to cross their arms in a leaning back position and start to mumble unutterables. 
TSA Goon #1: “Dammmmnnnnn, is that a ‘Ma Deuce’?

Me: “No, sir, that is an M240-SLR.”

TSA Goon #2: “Dammmmnnnnn, is that one of ‘em machine guns?”

TSA Goon #1: “Daaammmmmnnnnn!”

TSA Goon #2: “Daaaaammmmmmmmnnnn!”

(Both of the goons are now just standing there staring back and forth between the gun and each other.)

Me: “Um, did you guys interrupt my coffee and bagel just so you could see the cool gun?”

In Unison: “Yeah, pretty much!”  heh, heh, heh,…

Me: Dorks.  “Thanks, now I have the pleasure of going through security again.  Have a nice day fellas.”

After all that hubbub, we (my gun and I) get back to Cleveland and the thing comes out on the luggage carousel, is pulled off by a airline baggage expert, is scanned and LEFT outside the baggage claim office.  That’s right! IN THE OPEN!  I walked up with my baggage claim ticket and begin looking around for so called baggage expert with his little scanner thingy…  I decided to go ahead and grab it before someone else did and continued to look for scanner dork.  When I find him, he SAYS, “Is that yours?” I replied, “Yes.” And he tells me to, “Have a nice day.”  No scan or nothing!!!  I said, “Don’t you want to compare my claim ticket?”  To which he answers, “Nope, you’re fine.”  EEEEdiot!  I guess I looked like a nice enough guy, why wouldn’t it be mine?

TSA & airport security…..pretty much a joke in my opinion.  We were probably safer before all of this.


Excellent video: how to handle getting pulled over with CCW

Walmart guy

So, I stopped at Walmart this morning to buy two gallons of drinking water.  That's it.  I get up to the checkout counter and the guy, who has probably been there all night, says "Is this for here or to go?"  I smirked and said, "To go."  He then says, "Sorry, I used to be a lot funnier before my sixth wife."  Now on this one I don't even look up as I'm trying to dig out two singles from my wallet.  "Plus, with the hemorrhoids now."  I looked up and said, "Ya got me with the first one!"  He's like, "Okay, just wanted to make ya laugh!"  Sheesh.


Blog Sabbatical Endeth

Due to illness, traveling, and otherwise being pre-occupied I have not posted since last Friday...and not a REAL post since last Thursday.  Rest assured (for all of you who were worried) I am back.  I was notified on Sunday at church by a couple of ladies who are...we'll just say older than me...that while they find my musings humorous, they don't always understand them.  I just smiled and said, "That's ok."  I'm not sure if that was the correct response, but it got a polite smile back from both of them...and I'm sure they'll continue to read anyways.  Hopefully it will become clearer to them in the future.  My purpose for blogging has changed a little since the beginning, however, not that drastically.  My intent is to make people laugh, get people to think, and sometimes just share some news that you may not have heard about from anywhere else.  Topics may include, but are not limited to: guns, politics, everyday life, being a husband, being a father, "religious" (my wife hates that word), prepping and any number of other things (which is redundant because I already said it was not limited to this list).  My humor may at times...ok, most of the time, be dry...it's just who I am.



Not feeling 100% today...I went to urgent care and got a Z-pak for what they believe to be Sinusitis and a seasonal allergy flare up.  I've had a sore throat since Wednesday night...but according to the rapid strep test....it is indeed NOT strep.  That's good, because strep sucks.  I did work on two larger posts that are coming soon...

Stay tuned for something more significant...


Reunited with an old friend

I was reunited with an old friend yesterday.  While listening to iTunes on shuffle it brought up a Shaded Red song.  Now I realize 99.9% of you don’t know who that is (Jeff Lingafelter you’re the .1%!), but that’s okay.  They were a Christian rock band back in the late 90’s.  I was introduced to them when they opened for Petra on a small stage in Elyria, Ohio back in 1997. (Yup, just dated myself.)   I only have their first album which was self-titled.  The band was struck by tragedy in January of 1998 when they’re bus struck a patch of black ice killing one band member and critically wounding another.  They were never quite the same after that and the band decided to call it quits a few years later.  All that to say, I really enjoy their sound to this day…and would recommend them to anyone who likes rock/90’s alternative rock.

Unc: So much fail

So much fail

I always tell my kids...and anybody else I come into contact with regarding the handling of weapons...never point a weapon at something you don't want to KILL.


-So, unlike my normal morning routine of opening iTunes, making sure its set to shuffle, and clicking Play...I typed "Pearl Jam" into the search feature of iTunes and I've been enjoying Eddie & friends all morning. 

-Stumbled across this while perusing FB this morning.....thought you might like it:

-And look at this China's getting their own Jeep, complete with some Asian Sensation flair on the hood!

All for now...catcha later.



Robb Allen raises some good points in his post today about the VA Tech shooting (and any other school shooting for that matter).  This especially hits home here in Chardon, OH where we just faced a school shooting months ago where we lost 3 of our own.

View From The Porch: Portland Tea Party.

This is AWESOME!!! ....and hilarious!  Thanks agin Tam for a good laugh, your commentary made the situation even funnier!

View From The Porch: Portland Tea Party.: Apparently only TSA screeners are allowed to look at nekkid folks at the airport, because when an Oregon man attempted to give the entire cr...


I saw this over at Survival Blog and had to share:

"Don't go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things." - Frank Sharpe Jr., firearms trainer and founder of Fortress Defense Consultants LLC

Listening to this advice should pretty much keep you out of trouble! :)


Brandishing: illegal most anywhere you go

Brandishing a weapon, especially a firearm, will get you in trouble almost anywhere.  People can really get stupid in a hurry.  Not to mention, we lost a member of the royal family not that long ago to a paparazzi style chase.....dumb written all over it.

Tough Mudder: Good or Bad for business?

I've gotta admit, I'm a little confused...

Yesterday I get this headline in an email...

And then this morning, I get this headline.....from the same paper.....?????

No further comment.

Shuffle list

1st 10 songs on iTunes shuffle 17APR2012

1.  This Way – Jewel
2.  No Such Thing – Chris Cornell
3.  Run to You – Bryan Adams
4.  Miles Away – Winger
5.  There’s a Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon for New York – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
6.  Just in Time – Dean Martin
7.  (Marie’s the Name) His Latest Flame – Elvis Presley
8.  Collide – Krystal Meyers
9.  Song for the Mira – Phil Coulter
10.  Loaded Gun – Flatfoot 56



Please enjoy this one from the Home on the Range blog in lieu of a real post from me today.

I had a hardy LOL!

Too Bizee

I was just too wrapped up in this thing I do every day called "work" to post today...

Hopefully, I'll catcha tomorrow...

Shuffle list

1st 10 songs on iTunes shuffle 16APR2012

1.  Cold One Comin’ On – Montgomery Gentry
2.  Winner Take All – Styx
3.  More Than Fine – Switchfoot
4.  Psalm 150 – P.O.D.
5.  So Help Me God – dc Talk
6.  Big Jon’s Special – BBC Big Band
7.  The End of a Love Affair – Billie Holiday
8.  Promise Broken – Gary Allan
9.  The Emporer Is Dead – Original Soundtrack, Gladiator [2000 Original Score]
10.  Don’t – Elvis Presley